Cloth Diaper Starter Kits

Thinking about a cloth diaper starter kit? Easy peasy!

A kit that pleases you!

At Agatha, we want to allow you to create your own starting kit ;o)

Between 12 and 19 diapers of your choice: Get 10% off

20 and more diapers of your choice: Get 15% off

Contact us at 1-855-873-2323 or [email protected] to obtain your personalized promotional code.

How to build your cloth diaper stater kit?

  1. The key to success is a varied kit. Select different brands, designs, materials and adjustments to make sure your diapers will fit baby. Usually, a starting set consists of between 20 and 24 diapers.
  2. Learn about the different types of cloth diapers, their benefits, their disadvantages. You will be able to establish what fits your need.
  3. Think accessories: Do you need a bag to store soiled diapers, an on-the-go wetbag, diaper liners, laundry soap?
  4. Does your municipality offer a grant? Check out the details of the grant!
  5. Have fun selecting the patterns and colours that interest you; o) Have fun shopping!

Do you want advice to help you get started? Contact our store experts at 1-855-873-2323 or [email protected]