Agatha Rewards

Agatha Rewards

The “Agatha Rewards” program was a cash-back program offered on every purchase made at Agatha le baby shop, with the exception of promotional products, gift certificates and purchase made with the use of interest-free financing.

You accumulated 5% of the value of your purchases (taxes and shipping not included), applicable to future purchases at Agatha le baby shop. In order to accumulate Agatha Rewards, you needed to be connected to your account.

Agatha Rewards could be applied to your very next purchase or could be accumulated and applied to future purchases.

Agatha Rewards were not transferrable to a third party or from one account to another (if you had several accounts open).

Agatha Rewards were valid for a period of 6 months from the date they were accumulated (date of purchase).

Agatha Rewards accumulated during a purchase were available from the moment your order was processed (shipped) by our team.

Agatha Rewards could not be used at the same time as a promotional code.

Agatha le baby shop reserved the right to suspend, modify or cancel the Agatha Rewards program at any time and without notice.

The “Agatha Rewards” program has been cancelled in order to offer our customers a faster website. This will help provide a better Agatha shopping experience!