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AppleCheeks Waterproof Storage Sac / Wetbag
AppleCheeks Waterproof Storage Sac / Wetbag 
Designed to keep odour and moisture in and preserve a controlled environment for your soiled cloth diapers between washes, our Storage Sacs come in two generous sizes. Size 1 is 15.5" high/ 11" wide/ 3" deep and perfect for daily outings. Just throw it in your diaper bag and transport your dirty diapers with ease! Size 2 is just the right size for storage of a full-time package 25" high/ 20.5" wide/ 4.5" deep. These Sacs wash up like a dream so just throw them into your washload right along with your cloth diapers, and then hang to dry. What could be easier?

Size 2 storage sacs can also be used as a diaper pail liner and will fit most standard kitchen-size garbage cans to be used as a diaper pail.

Proudly manufactured in Montreal, Canada.

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